Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer


E-eating less but feeling full fast

A-abdominal/pelvic pain

T-trouble with urination(frequency or urgency)

A PAP test does not detect ovarian cancer.

If these symptoms persist more that 2 weeks and are getting worse not better see your gynocologist and request additional tests such as a CA-125 and/or Transvaginal Ultrasound

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Breathe of Heaven

I was listening to this song"" on KLove earlier and the words have been with me the rest of the day. I know it was written as Mary's song but so many of the lyrics spoke to me in my journey as well. God does lighten my darkness and will hold me together no matter what this world throws at me. I am thankful to the Giver of life that he gives moments of clarity to remind us that we are never alone.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dealing with fear

I am still waiting on the second opinion from the specialist about how long I should wait to get my tumor markers checked again. As I wait I continue to much as I try to have strong faith and trust in God's plan...i still worry. Everyday I wonder if I am letting this disease grow in my body as I wait...will I have to endure another surgery...will there be more chemo? I don't know if you have ever had to try NOT to think about if a deadly cancer is attacking your organs but it is not as easy as just "staying positive"  I seem to only be positive about one thing....I am scared. I have pains in my abdomen and chest and I think "is this it", "has it come back". I  remember the words of one of my doctors, "if you have a reoccurence that is when the clock starts ticking"  Somedays are better than others but not a day goes by that I don't deal with fear. I try to keep myself busy and I surround myself with friends and family that remind me all the time that they are praying for me. In times of fear I remember God's promises from the bible. I know my life is in His hands and He loves me so much. I am trying to claim His promises when fear creeps in and it does have so much power. Satan gives us a spirit of fear but God is a God of hope. I continue to try and live in the moment and be thankful for everyday I am still alive. Thanks to all of my friends who love me and encourge me with prayers and kind words. God bless, Karen

Friday, November 12, 2010

Struggling with bad test results

This has been a tough week for me. As I was in line for an oil change at Oil Can Henry's when the call came from the Dr office. My CA-125 numbers have gone up. CA-125 is a protein that is produced by ovarian cancer cells so the the rise in these numbers could possibly mean the the cancer is back. After thinking about what the nurse said the main emotion I felt was sadness. I hit this cancer hard with chemo and the surgeon got rid of all the cancer they could could it possibly come back. Now I wait...the doctor says he wants to wait 2 months to redo the test to see if the numbers stabilize or continue to rise. I do not know if I can wait 2 months. 2 months feels like a long time. This week I will seek out a 2nd opinion from the surgeon who is a specialist in my type of cancer. Right now I trust God will take care of me and I pray for the great Healer to perform a miracle and that all of my numbers will be back down after my next blood tests are drawn. Thanks for your prayers for my peace, direction, and ultimately God's hand to destroy any potential tumors. Love to all, Karen