Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer


E-eating less but feeling full fast

A-abdominal/pelvic pain

T-trouble with urination(frequency or urgency)

A PAP test does not detect ovarian cancer.

If these symptoms persist more that 2 weeks and are getting worse not better see your gynocologist and request additional tests such as a CA-125 and/or Transvaginal Ultrasound

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dealing with fear

I am still waiting on the second opinion from the specialist about how long I should wait to get my tumor markers checked again. As I wait I continue to much as I try to have strong faith and trust in God's plan...i still worry. Everyday I wonder if I am letting this disease grow in my body as I wait...will I have to endure another surgery...will there be more chemo? I don't know if you have ever had to try NOT to think about if a deadly cancer is attacking your organs but it is not as easy as just "staying positive"  I seem to only be positive about one thing....I am scared. I have pains in my abdomen and chest and I think "is this it", "has it come back". I  remember the words of one of my doctors, "if you have a reoccurence that is when the clock starts ticking"  Somedays are better than others but not a day goes by that I don't deal with fear. I try to keep myself busy and I surround myself with friends and family that remind me all the time that they are praying for me. In times of fear I remember God's promises from the bible. I know my life is in His hands and He loves me so much. I am trying to claim His promises when fear creeps in and it does have so much power. Satan gives us a spirit of fear but God is a God of hope. I continue to try and live in the moment and be thankful for everyday I am still alive. Thanks to all of my friends who love me and encourge me with prayers and kind words. God bless, Karen

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