Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer


E-eating less but feeling full fast

A-abdominal/pelvic pain

T-trouble with urination(frequency or urgency)

A PAP test does not detect ovarian cancer.

If these symptoms persist more that 2 weeks and are getting worse not better see your gynocologist and request additional tests such as a CA-125 and/or Transvaginal Ultrasound

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It has been a long time

When I started tis blog I was hoping to be able to be more consistent with writing and journaling my experiences. I know how theraputic it can be to write through difficult situations. I was just reminded of this at the National Ovarian Conference I attended earlier this month. Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller was our keynote speaker and she talked a lot about blogging not only to help heal herself but also to share her experience with other women who may be going through difficult circumstances. My new goal is to post in my blog at least once a week. The most important thing for me to do through this entire journey is to remember to laugh. I know that sounds weird when dealing with something like cancer, but it has been my experience that more important than following a strict diet, reading up on all the latest research, finding all the right books on how to "do cancer," is to find humor in life and even life with cancer. I was able to spend time with a new friend, Jenny Allen, at the conference this year in D.C. She has written a one woman monologue that she performs off brodway and it is full of humor and truth. Talking with her she encouraged me to write down my experiences...especially the funny ones. So that is what I plan to do. I will be keeping a journal of sorts so that when I am having a hard day I can come here and remind myself of how wonderfully funny life can be and how lucky I am to have the time I do to enjoy the life and friends God has gifted me each day. With each blog I hope to make at least one other person find the joy in life they may have lost due to small or large obstacles they are facing in their lives.

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